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Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a place for Australian karters to buy and sell anything kart related. It is a place for the new karter to find that first kart package and/or spares that they need to get going in the sport. Existing karters might be looking to change classes and require a different kart or engine to suit or you might be in a situation where you are leaving the sport.

I have a kart I'd like to sell - what next?
Start by registering your details HERE - Once you are logged in you are able to "Add a New Item." Complete the form, adding photos if you have them and then your item will appear on the site instantly.

Why build this website?
Sometimes it has seemed hard to move karts and parts on when you move to another class, upgrade chassis and engines or have parts lying around that you don't use any more. This website provides a place for all karters to buy and sell anything kart related. People come to this site looking for kart gear, nothing else!

How much does it cost me to sell something?
Nothing! To place an ad on is free! Unlike other classifieds websites we don't charge you to list your ad, we don't take a percentage of your final sales figure or charge you once you have sold something. It is completely free of charge to the karter!

Who is
My name is Paul Rodgers. I have raced sprint karts since 2003 in Juniors and I now race in Rotax Light following the Rotax Pro Tour along the East Coast of Australia. You can find out more about me by going to my website or by following me on Twitter @prodgersracing.

If you have any further questions please complete our contact form HERE and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.