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About Karting

Kart racing is the cheapest form of motorsport and I might be slightly biased but it's the best bang for your buck. It's where all the current stars in Formula 1 and V8 Supercars learnt their craft. While karting is mainly used as the next stepping stone to racing cars there are many people who race karts seriously, for fun and for the social side of the sport. 

There are various forms of kart racing in Australia which are listed below:

Sprint Karting

This is a most popular form of karting in Australia with clubs and tracks in every state. Most of the drivers you see in top level car racing started racing in a sprint kart. Australian Karting Association (AKA) -

Dirt / Speedway Karting

If slide jobs are your thing then dirt or speedway karting is what you are after. There are clubs and tracks in most states of Australia but is most popular in South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory. AIDKA -, AKA -


Superkarting has been referred to the Formula 1 of kart racing. Superkarts race on full size car racing circuits such as Phillip Island (VIC) and Eastern Creek (NSW). Classes range from the entry level 125cc Rotax to the very fast 250cc gearbox class where on some tracks they give V8 Supercars a run for their money in terms of lap times. Superkarts Australia -

Endurance Karting

10 lap races not your thing? What about 6 hours? still not enough? 12 hours? How about 24 hours? Endurance racing is a real team event. Multiple drivers per kart, pit stops and strategy. Events are staged mainly in NSW and QLD but some one-off meetings are held under the AKA. TEKA

Historic Karting

In recent times this form of karting has become more popular. People are dusting off their old karts, restoring them, and display and run demonstrations at various race meetings across the country. The AKA have a set of Vintage rules for these demonstrations.